Young Girl Saved from Human Trafficking on an Airplane

Nearly six years ago, flight attendant Shelia Fedrick saved a young girl from human trafficking.  Upon noticing a well-dressed man accompanied by a young girl who looked greasy and like “she had been through pure hell,” Shelia had a feeling that something was off with the pair. She was unable to shake this feeling and tried numerous times to make conversation with the young girl, only to be met with resistance from the girl and interruptions from the man sitting next to her. Shelia then formulated a plan where she convinced the girl to go to the restroom where she had left a note on the mirror asking her if she was in danger. The young girl wrote back on the note that she needed help, resulting in the flight attendant notifying the pilot to call the police. When the flight landed in San Fransisco there were cops waiting at the terminal to take the man into custody. This incident opened Shelia’s eyes to how many young girls and boys she had seen over the years that could have been going through the same situation as the girl she had just saved. “If you see something, say something.” Flight attendants are now trained to look out for possible victims of human trafficking. Shelia has kept in touch with the young girl she saved, who chose to remain anonymous, who now, thanks to Shelia’s persistence and bravery, is attending college.



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