Our Children are in Danger, and We Continue to Ignore the Problem

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and Twitter, are dangerous and risky for not only foster children, but for the foster parents, as well. These sites are a danger to children because of America’s dark little secret, human sex trafficking. Citizens of our society are either not aware of it, or refuse to acknowledge its existence in our nation. Sex traffickers target victims who are runaways, victims of prior abuse, homeless, children looking to belong and find acceptance, children in/from foster care, and other victimized children seeking love and a sense of belonging. The majority of children in the United States who are sexually exploited have a past of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse. Pimps attract and and target these children at group homes promising them a better life filled with love, belonging, and gifts.

The internet is highly unregulated, and difficult to police, so child predators and human traffickers use this technological platform for their sexually criminal behavior. The internet had made it easier for traffickers to to exploit these children. Sex traffickers target audience is only a click or a phone call away. The internet gives perpetrators the opportunity to commit these sexual crimes because of its unregulated, difficult to police nature, providing them with little fear and risk of prosecution.

Our Children are in Danger, and We Continue to Ignore the Problem


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